Dan Gable Challenge Points

The Dan Gable Challenge (DGC) is a series of tournaments conducted throughout our regular season, at events designated "DGC" tournaments. Our regular season tournament format is still intact at these tournaments, with the exception of League Regionals. Only wrestlers registered as “Advanced” at these specific tournaments will earn points based on how they place (automatically accrued and tracked). DGC points are awarded ONLY for 6&U, 8&U, 10&U, 12&U, & 14&U Advanced Wrestlers (4 & Under & Girls Division Do Not earn points). If you need to ask questions about the points, please ask your club coach, if the points are incorrect, you can contact Zach directly at Zach@p2pwrestling.com

  • 1st place = 6pts
  • 2nd place = 5pts
  • 3rd place = 4pts
  • 4th place = 3pts
  • 5th/6th = 0 pts

Wrestlers must earn at least 27 points by wrestling at DGC events and must also compete at the Final Challenge to be named a Dan Gable Champion and earn the prizes the come with that title.

DGC Challenge Weekends as listed on the Event schedule

Event Dates and Point Requirements are subject to change.

All Dan Gable Challenge winners will receive an award, a shirt, and a singlet.

We have compiled a list of all wrestlers and their points thus far. This list will be updated after each DGC Event.